VisaMaxNZ Joins Amotai

A Commitment to Supplier Diversity and Economic Advancement

This strategic alliance highlights VisaMaxNZ's commitment to fostering inclusivity, supporting local businesses, and contributing to the economic growth of New Zealand. In this article, we will explore what Amotai represents, its objectives, and the benefits that VisaMaxNZ will gain from this partnership.

What is Amotai?

Amotai, a powerful force in the realm of supplier diversity, serves as a unifying platform for Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses in New Zealand. Amotai's primary purpose is to create equal economic opportunities and promote the growth and success of these enterprises. By facilitating connections and collaboration among diverse business owners, Amotai works towards building a robust and inclusive economy that benefits all New Zealanders.

Objectives of Amotai

  1. Supplier Diversity: Amotai is committed to advancing the concept of supplier diversity, which involves actively seeking and engaging suppliers from underrepresented communities. By promoting procurement opportunities for Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses, Amotai aims to create a more inclusive and equitable business environment in New Zealand.
  2. Economic Empowerment: Amotai seeks to empower Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses by providing them with the resources, support, and networks necessary for success. Through capacity building programs, mentorship initiatives, and access to business opportunities, Amotai aims to enhance the economic well-being of these enterprises and contribute to the overall prosperity of New Zealand.
  3. Collaboration and Advocacy: Amotai fosters collaboration among diverse stakeholders, including businesses, government agencies, and community organisations, to champion the interests of Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses. Through advocacy and engagement, Amotai influences policies and practices that promote supplier diversity and ensure a level playing field for these businesses.

Benefits for VisaMaxNZ

  1. Supplier Network Expansion: By joining Amotai, VisaMaxNZ gains access to a vast network of Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses. This expanded supplier network provides valuable opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and procurement. Engaging with diverse suppliers allows VisaMaxNZ to enhance the quality and range of services offered to clients while supporting local businesses.
  2. Inclusivity and Social Impact: Through its affiliation with Amotai, VisaMaxNZ demonstrates its commitment to fostering inclusivity and supporting underrepresented communities. By actively engaging with Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses, VisaMaxNZ contributes to social impact and helps build a more equitable business landscape in New Zealand.
  3. Cultural Understanding and Collaboration: Joining Amotai enables VisaMaxNZ to deepen its cultural understanding and establish meaningful relationships with Māori and Pasifika business owners. This collaboration fosters cross-cultural exchange, allowing VisaMaxNZ to integrate diverse perspectives and practices into its operations, ultimately enriching the services provided to clients.
  4. Competitive Advantage: By aligning with Amotai, VisaMaxNZ differentiates itself as a socially responsible and inclusive organisation. This partnership enhances VisaMaxNZ's reputation and positions the company as a leader in supplier diversity and community engagement. The association with Amotai can serve as a competitive advantage, attracting clients who prioritize supporting diverse businesses.

A significant step

VisaMaxNZ's partnership with Amotai represents a significant step towards promoting supplier diversity, supporting Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses, and contributing to the economic advancement of New Zealand. By joining this influential organisation, VisaMaxNZ expands its supplier network, fosters inclusivity, and positions itself as a socially responsible organisation committed to creating equal economic opportunities. Together with Amotai, VisaMaxNZ aims to drive sustainable growth, strengthen local communities, and build a thriving and diverse business ecosystem in New Zealand.

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