Meet the VisaMax NZ Team

VisaMax NZ Team


Bevan has been a provider of expert NZ immigration advice since 2007.

“Laws and policies change all the time but at the heart of immigration is people. Our Values reflect the fact we are working for you and your family."

"We are proud to offer fair fees in return for expert visa advice. Immigration can be complex and we are always looking for ways to improve how we can help you through the maze, step by step.”
VisaMax NZ Team


Dexter comes from a public service background, with extensive experience working as an Attorney in the Philippines. His passion to serve others carries over to his new vocation here in New Zealand as one of our Licensed Immigration Experts. For our Pinoy clientele, Dexter can provide a range of services as your Immigration Adviser, Interpreter, or as Legal Counsel to assist with drafting your Affidavit, Special Power of Attorney (SPA) + more under Philippines law.

"Kabayan, sa VisaMax, siguradong tapat at murang serbisyo lamang"
VisaMax NZ Team


"My time within the immigration sector started in 2009 when I began working for Immigration New Zealand in their Hamilton branch in an admin role, it didn’t take long to work my way up into the position of Immigration Officer where I worked on temporary applications, mainly employment based work visas and then onto relationship based visas.

In 2014 we made the decision to move home to sunny Hawkes Bay; having learnt the ins and outs of how Immigration New Zealand works, and being comfortable with their ever changing requirements, it was an easy transition to begin working on the 'other side'." 

"Not long after moving here I met Bevan through our employment at a dedicated immigration law firm, where I worked as his PA to assist people from all over the world with their immigration journey."

VisaMax NZ Team


Sam is a Fully Licensed Immigration Adviser with years of experience in service delivery - primarily in customer-facing roles in New Zealand, the UK, and the Philippines helping corporates and individuals alike. Sam holds a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science and a Graduate Certificate in NZ Immigration. With a passion for people, diverse cultures and new experiences Sam has travelled extensively throughout South-East Asia, Latin America and Europe. He lived and worked in London and more recently the Philippines for two years where he was deploying Filipino workers to New Zealand. He is service driven, customer focussed and prides himself on delivering while maintaining a cheerful disposition. Sam and Bevan have worked together since 2015 helping hundreds of people achieve their dream of settling in New Zealand.

"I enjoy sorting out all the requirements and admin tasks involved with the visa process to make it smooth. Let VisaMaxNZ take the pressure off you. We are here to help!"
VisaMax NZ Team


"I am a migrant. I first met Bevan O'Connor 9 years ago just after arriving in New Zealand and at the time I needed immigration advice. Bevan was very professional but most importantly Bevan wanted to help. Years went by and Bevan ended up supporting me all the way towards Citizenship of NZ. With time we became best friends. After years of working in the Retail industry, I joined VisaMaxNZ and my focus was to help in setting up the Marketing side of the business. I am focused to provide VisaMax with the tools needed so we can reach out to you, to offer you the best service at the best cost and most importantly, to help you get to know us and put a face to the name. Being part of the VisaMaxNZ family proved to me that with consistency, hard work, good intentions and the right attitude, there's a place for everyone in New Zealand. Other than being a passionate Photographer, I am currently studying Political Science and International Relations at Victoria University of Wellington."

"As a result of my work with VisaMaxNZ I recently started my own Marketing agency - MarketMaxNZ - with one goal in mind: Support small business owners to achieve their goals and dreams so they can focus on the things that are important to them."
VisaMax NZ Team


Jayda was our first team member to join VisaMaxNZ in October 2020. She grew up in Hamilton and is now enjoying life in our windy capital city, Wellington.

“I have always been somebody who is happiest when helping others. My motivation is supporting my communities, and being a part of Aotearoa taking steps towards a better future. The VisaMaxNZ philosophy reflects my own values, allowing me to thrive in the work that I do. I have learnt so much about the beautiful cultures that Aotearoa homes, and feel extremely grateful to experience first hand the value and diversity they bring to our country. Any way I can help to make the Immigration process easier for migrants is my way of saying thank you. I’m positive, resilient, and will always find a way to get it done; even when challenges present themselves! I love the fun, friendly and supportive culture at VisaMaxNZ, and I can’t wait to help more people live their best lives in Aotearoa!”
VisaMax NZ Team


Eden has been in the customer service industry for 8 years supporting clients in different services such as eCommerce, financial services, information technology, expense management systems, and much more.

"Helping other people resolve their problems by providing excellent quality of service is one of my strengths. Having to diligently learn the process and workflow of the business makes me confident in delivering accurate resolutions."

VisaMax NZ Team


Des is one of VisaMaxNZ's Immigration Administrators providing support to the Licensed Immigration Advisers (LIA) and ensuring all administration matters are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. Her 7 years of administrative experience equipped her in assisting the LIAs and contributing to the team so we can serve you in excellence.

"It is inspiring to witness clients being one step closer towards achieving their dreams because they put their trust in VisaMaxNZ. We want you to succeed and be a part of your story."

VisaMax NZ Team


Rowena has been a project coordinator for more than a decade and is used to ensuring that all tasks and communications given are addressed on time. She believes any single document or information should be given importance.

Having a Bachelor degree of Industrial Engineering makes it easy for her to understand the different procedures and processes of an organisation. Knowing the steps to be taken and their requirements at the early stages can reduce time and avoid the delay of any transaction. This is where Rowena shines!

"Allow us to be part of your VICTORY as a migrant and assist you to ease your worries. We are here to help.”

VisaMax NZ Team


Emman supports VisaMaxNZ through communication and collaboration with both our LIA's and the wider team. He helps to ensure we have all of the right materials, and that your visa application is on track, carrying all of his work out with a friendly and dedicated attitude!

"At VisaMaxNZ, we communicate and deliver quality services to our clients. You and I, we will work together and we will create unforgettable experiences in your life."

VisaMax NZ Team


Esther offers administration support to the VisaMaxNZ team through effective communication between the team and those we work with. She wants to offer the best solutions to everyone who gets in touch, and handles each case with the utmost care and attention.

"We believe that everyone of us is special so, everyday we improve our processes in analysing visa issues and sorting out requirements to make you special. We ONLY offer superb quality of service and value just for YOU."

VisaMax NZ Team


The first to get to the office and the last to leave.

Loyal. Wolfy. Loves a walk.

This is Max Dog, our heart and soul at VisamaxNZ.

"Life can ruff, but don't get in a fluff! Let's walk and talk!"

Let's discuss your visa and immigration requirements.