Hiring migrant staff?

Since 2007 we've helped thousands of people through the New Zealand visa process. We understand what the technical requirements are when employing migrants and supporting their visa applications.

This checklist gives you an easy way to remember the most important things to prepare when hiring Migrant Staff and supporting their application for an Essential Skills Work Visa application.


Check your staff's visa and passport expiry dates and apply before their visa expires. Keep good Personnel records for all staff.


For an Essential Skills Work Visa application you must advertise on a national platform (Trademe/Seek/Indeed), and provide a screening report detailing why the candidates were unsuccessful. A visa application for your migrant staff can only be lodged once the advertising has ended. You may also need to register the role with WINZ/MSD if the role is paid under $27 per hour. If your employee is remaining in the same role with you then you need not advertise!


Mandatory accreditation comes in later in 2022 for ALL employers of migrant staff. Contact us for more information about the process.

Work experience

Check that your migrant staff have relevant work experience for the role on offer (CV/employer reference letters/payslips/tax records).


Check that your migrant staff have relevant qualifications for the role on offer (academic and/or trades qualifications).

Application form

you must complete the INZ1113 Employer Supplementary Form to support your worker's application.


Identify the relevant occupation code for your staff here (www.abs.gov.au). INZ will assess the application against the requirements of the occupation code.

Pay rate

If the role is $27+ per hour your worker is eligible for a 3 year visa. If paid under $27 per hour your worker is eligible for a 2 year visa.


Apply for a New Zealand Business Number if you don't already have one. The NZBN is required for the new mandatory employer accreditation process.


The INZ Essential Skills Work Visa application fee is NZD$495. Your migrant staff pay this, or you can help them with the costs involved.

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